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Dear Sandra,Emilio and Steph.

I wanted to take a moment just to say thank you to all of you

Over the last couple of years I have seen Sarah grow from an shy, insecure girl to a confident young woman. This is because she came to BOLD.

You have given her the opportunities she needed to encourage her to work hard and to succeed. Emilio, you had the wisdom and instinct to trust her with a choreography that would succeed only with a dancer who understood its complexity through its simplicity and musicality. She grew so much, through this choreography and your wisdom in its execution. Thank you Emilio, for the time and thought you put into Sarah's dance.

We were shocked and delighted that she did so well this weekend. Again, thanks to you.

Our little wall flower who used to be relegated to the very back of the stage has now blossomed into the dancer she had inside of her all along.

You gave her the chance to become this person. Thank you, all of you, for your faithfulness, your hard work and the encouragement you have given Sarah.

She has changed and found herself, because of Bold.

Dianne and David Jones

Another year closes upon us. This is for the teacher that: stayed up late editing music till their eyes crossed, sits in their living room surrounded by costume designs for days, encourages all their students to fight--not just the ones that it comes easy to, that keeps it real, tells the truth, that doesn't want to get down on the floor and demonstrate because her knees hurt and his muscles ache-but does it anyway, the one who receives texts in the middle of the night asking questions about schedules, make-up, choreography or classes, YOU ARE APPRECIATED... Everything you pass down to your students, the ripple effect you generate with each class you teach will last far beyond your lifetime, you are talented even beyond what your students see - you are worth thousands of dollars more then your pay reflects, you deserve a nap, you change lives, you inspire kids with your creativity and your drive. You give children tools that help them far beyond the classroom. You create relationships that last forever. Your sacrifices are so appreciated, your talent, your choreography, and your passion is so appreciated.

Lisa Richer

Congratulations to such a successful exciting season!!! Xoxoxox

Thank you so much for teaching and encouraging so much to your students like teamwork, dedication, memories, goals, hard work, dreams, friendships, inner and outer strengths, determination, passion, trust, confidence, love, to never give up, to keep trying, to be humble and to be proud of themselves and of others; which gives a deeper love of dance and a deeper love for all of you and for all that you do for them and a deeper love for each other as they all have the same visions, dreams, aspirations and inspirations.

We thank you all so much for teaching, dedicating, guiding, inspiring and giving so much of yourselves so that our kids can shine and do what they love.

We thank you for all that you have done for Gloria and for all that she has accomplished and for all that she will continue to learn, conquer and perform; we can’t wait for more to come. She loves you all SO much; thank you for making her continue to believe in herself and to excel. Please keep pushing her. xo

We can’t express how lucky we feel and how lucky we are that Gloria is at BOLD and being taught by you and how much we love you all.

Six years have gone by at a blink of an eye and we have enjoyed and loved every single dance that you have created. Such talented choreographers, we know that everything comes from your hearts and that’s what makes everything even more amazing and special. Your visions are out if this world and we are amazed with each new dance; and every year has topped the year before.

We love you beyond words and can’t wait for the next season to start.

Again, congratulations, thank you and lots of love always from the bottom of your hearts..xoxoxoxoxo

Rosa, Gloria & Johnny Pontarollo

Thank you for introducing Nicole to competitive dance. I feel like it has ignited a beautiful new passion within her. Beyond that, I feel like it has helped her develop an even stronger work ethic and sense of pride in her work and talent. You create such beautiful art. As someone new to dance, I marvel at your collective talents.

Carmelina Caldarone